La Red @ Artisan Resource NY

A new collection from Mexico! 

Our talented friend and colleague, Mimi Robinson, has been busy this fall developing a new collection with ByHand's partner MATAT, a Mexican organization working with 22 women's groups supporting indigenous communities & craft techniques.

 Come see MATAT''s new collections inspired by the embroidery traditions of Hidalgo, Puebla and Chiapas -- embroidered felted wool pillows, cheerful embroidered oilcloth accessories, and a playful line of embellished animals. 

"As a designer, I wanted to explore mixing modern materials with traditional embroidery to showcase the remarkable talent of embroiderers. It has been a pleasure working with the La Red MATAT team- their passion, teamwork, and capacity to innovate has made our product development collaboration a success." - Mimi Robinson

Visit MATAT at Artisan Resource @ NY NOW, Pier 94

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