artisan marketing Workshops 


Photo Credit - Julie Hall

Photo Credit - Julie Hall

Demand for artisan products in the global marketplace has never been stronger.  This growing demand has resulted in new and more diverse market opportunities for artisans.  ByHand’s Artisan Marketing Workshops help artisans and entrepreneurs understand market trends and how to develop focused marketing strategies to increase sales and bring sustainable income to artisan communities.       

Using visual presentations, small discussion groups, and hands-on activities, ByHand conveys trend information, case studies and practical strategies to empower participants in developing profitable links to new markets.   Topics covered include:  consumer & market research, product development, distribution channels, costing & pricing, trade show participation, promotional materials, and communication & customer service.  

ByHand’s Artisan Marketing Workshops are customized to the profiles of participants and clients and are offered in the US or abroad.  Workshops range from a half-day to three days in length and have been held in more than 25 countries. 

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