Photo Credit - Musuk Nolte

Our Advisors

ByHand's team of passionate visionaries lend their time and talent in product design and merchandising, sales and marketing, business coaching and training, project management and design, to ensure that our programs are the most effective and practical solutions for the artisan sector. 


Photo Credit - Lorenza Filati

Photo Credit - Lorenza Filati

Frederic Alcantara, Product Development & Sourcing Consultant of Alcantara-Frederic

Carol Campbell, Merchandising & Marketing Consultant

Peggy Clark, The Aspen Institute & Artisan Partners & Aspen

Mary Cockram, Frog Hollow Consulting

Stacey Edgar, founder of Global Girlfriend & Product Consultant

Jennifer Isaacson, Product Development & Marketing Consultant

Docey Lewis, Designer & Entrepreneur

Carol MacNulty, Business Development Consulting

Keith ReckerHand/Eye Magazine

Mimi Robinson, Designer & Founder of Bridging Cultures Through Design

Alden Smith, Sales Expert & Artisan Advocate

Clare Smith, President Emeritus of Aid to Artisans

Elizabeth Vance, Capacity Building, Program & Training Development

Annie Waterman, Independent Consultant & Artisan Sourcing Specialist

Henna Wang, Independent Consultant & Designer