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We have been very busy at ByHand!

We have been very busy at ByHand!  We have lots of great things going on in NY next week and we hope to see there!   

The Market Incubator: This August 16-19, fifteen artisan enterprises will be attending our Market Incubator program which supports companies new to Artisan Resource @ NYNOW. This has become a incredible launching point for overseas artisan groups to showcase their products and production capability and connect with US import buyers.  

The Design Council:  A collaboration between HAND/EYE and ByHand Consulting, The Design Council brings seasoned professional designers together with emerging artisan businesses to build success through new and innovative product development. New collections resulting from this collaboration will be featured at Artisan Resource this August.   

Artisan Resource Seminar Series: All registered attendees of Artisan Resource and NYNOW are invited to attend Artisan Resource Seminars, presented by Keith Recker of HAND/EYE and Co-Founders Colvin English and Karen Gibbs of ByHand Consulting.  Seminars include topics ranging from color trends to costing and pricing to distribution models all oriented toward the artisan based business. 

ABN Returns to Artisan Resource!

The Artisan Business Network (ABN) team is on their way to New York with a new collection to showcase the talents of Haitian artisans. Natalie, Nadege, and Sebastian have worked hard to bring this fantastic new line of graphic papier mache, metal, leather, stone and beadwork items to Artisan Resource @ NYNow Pier 94. The artisans of Croix des Bouquets, Leogane, Port-au-Prince, and Jacmel have created this beautiful collection and we look forward to showing you the results of their labor.

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Just home from Tunisia….

Karen is just home from wandering the craft filled medina of Tunis and consulting to 10 Tunisian artisan enterprises on their export strategies.  What a fascinating country!  A leader in the Arab world in creating opportunities for women, education and building democracy.  And, most importantly for artisan enthusiasts, a rich culture of crafts!  Local designers blend contemporary aesthetic with traditional production in textiles, natural fibers, ceramics, olive wood and copper.  A Tunisian Pavilion will return to Artisan Resource in August.  Come see!

Just home from Panama...

Colvin just arrived home from Panama where ByHand was asked to help select products and prepare companies to introduce their new collections in the Panama Pavilion at Artisan Resource this Summer.  (NYNow, Pier 94, August 16-19 ) Colvin led a training on US Market Opportunities and met with 11 artisan companies as a way to get to know their lines and make specific recommendations for the show. Save the date! We look forward to seeing you. 

AMK Panama Bags 

AMK Panama Bags 

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Highlights from Colvin's trip to Peru...

Hi everyone! 

Colvin just returned from the 17th annual Peru Gift Show and would like to share some show highlights with you!  

  • The Peru Gift Show was once again held alongside the PeruModa exhibition. This time, however, the venue was moved to the Costa Verde area on the seaside in the Magdalena district of Lima. The new venue was spectacular with easy access from buyer's hotels, lots of parking, and beautiful ocean views accompanied by fresh sea air.  We never had to wait for a taxi and we were able to come and go without any traffic issues. The venue itself was well laid-out and the food vendors were great.  There was always a line for coffee fresh juices, Peruvian sweets and fresh ceviche! 
  • The "Peru Home" displays never fail to inspire and this year was no exception.  The show "deconstructed" the house and had different rooms set throughout the venue.  The bedroom and dining room were especially wonderful.    
  • PeruGift continues to recine it’s offering with a great group of up-and-coming exporters offering a new take on Peruvian handwork. Old favorites like AllpaWayra, BerrocalRaymisa, and Jallpa Nina continue to provide great resources for those interested in Peruvian goods.  And newer groups like PaTsWari Urpi and Hilos y Colores are taking traditions and adding their own flair to them.  (For those of you who are fans of PaTs, look for their new 8,000 sq. foot showroom in San Ysidro to open sometime this month!)
  • If you're planning a trip to Peru be sure to check out some of the great stores and restaurants. We have a list of our favorites we can send you! This trip we went to the new Astrid y Gaston and the food is just as amazing as ever. They just opened and the service was a little off, but we still had a great meal.  (Be sure to try the whole fish!) 
  • And, of course, it isn't truly a trip to Lima without lunch at our favorite Cevicheria, El Bigote in Miraflores.  It is only open for lunch and you can find it on Jose Galvez between Avenida Grau and Calle Bolognesi.  Afterwards be sure to walk over and see Wayra's store on the Bolognesi Ovalo. Peru continues to amaze us with all that it offers.  The rich culture and diverse skills make for a truly amazing opportunity. 

Highlights @ Artisan Resource NY NOW

Dear friends,

Thank you to all who visited Artisan Resource @ NY NOW and contributed to its success.  

For anyone who missed the show (and the snowy weather and Super Bowl fans), take a peek at the new  Artisan Resource directory for information on exhibitors and events. With 23 countries represented, Artisan Resource was a rich sourcing opportunity for US importers!

ByHand Consulting's work continues to expand and we couldn't do it without all your involvement. ByHand helped 20 artisan enterprises prepare for Artisan Resource by providing expertise in merchandising, product development, business mentoring, and sales support. Their success was measured in orders, buyer contacts and a broader knowledge of the US market structure and opportunities. 

In partnership with HAND/EYE Fund, we launched the first Design Council event on Super Bowl Sunday. The Design Council is a group of seasoned design professionals from the home, fashion and accessories industries. More than 40 Design Council volunteers attended Artisan Resource to offer their feedback on design, display, merchandising and more to exhibitors. Let us know if you would like to get involved.

Stay tuned for updates on our spring travel adventures and the new artisan enterprises we are partnering with.     


Annie, Colvin & Karen

For additional information about our programs to connect artisans to markets, please contact info@byhandconsulting.com

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Follow the Silk Route to Artisan Resource @ NY NOW

Follow the Silk Route to Artisan Resource @ NY NOW

CACSA, an umbrella organization serving over 80 artisan communities and uniting more 5,000 craftsmen throughout Central Asia, is presenting the Fergana Collection in partnership with ByHand Consulting. This Collection holds treasures of ikat textiles, felt accessories, embroidered rugs, silk scarves and more. All products are made by women and seek to advance women's economic opportunities and promote cultural diversity in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.  

Artisan Resource @ NYNOW, Pier 94

 Feb 1-4, 2014, Booth # 33016 

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La Red @ Artisan Resource NY

A new collection from Mexico! 

Our talented friend and colleague, Mimi Robinson, has been busy this fall developing a new collection with ByHand's partner MATAT, a Mexican organization working with 22 women's groups supporting indigenous communities & craft techniques.

 Come see MATAT''s new collections inspired by the embroidery traditions of Hidalgo, Puebla and Chiapas -- embroidered felted wool pillows, cheerful embroidered oilcloth accessories, and a playful line of embellished animals. 

"As a designer, I wanted to explore mixing modern materials with traditional embroidery to showcase the remarkable talent of embroiderers. It has been a pleasure working with the La Red MATAT team- their passion, teamwork, and capacity to innovate has made our product development collaboration a success." - Mimi Robinson

Visit MATAT at Artisan Resource @ NY NOW, Pier 94

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Zardozi @ Artisan Resource NY NOW this Feb!

ByHand's partner Zardozi has a new collection of innovative products inspired by centuries-old Afghan embroidery techniques and patterns. The collections were developed through the Design Council, a collaborative program with HAND/EYE Fund that pairs experienced design professionals committed to improving artisan enterprise with artisan organizations seeking to better serve US customers with fresh innovative designs.

Visit Zardozi at Artisan Resource @ NYNOW on Pier 94 on Feb 1-4Zardozi's new collection features home textiles and fashion accessories hand-embroidered by the amazing Afghan women in Zardozi's programs. Additional Afghan products include handwoven products from Boumi,100% silk fashion accessories from Silk Road Bamiyan, and the elegant jewelry of Shugufa.

Artisan Resource @ NY NOW Pier 94 Booth #32013

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Joyous Wishes & Gratitude

Thank you for making 2013 a remarkable year. Our work was a success because of all of YOU!

We traveled to all corners of the world (23 countries - wow!) to work with the most creative artisans, talented buyers and innovative artisan programs -- all with the goal of expanding new markets for artisans. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do," Steve Jobs said. And that we do!

Wishing you joy this holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2014!


Colvin, Karen & Annie


A sneak peek!

Over the past few months, product designer Mimi Robinson has been working with ByHand to help create a new collection of personal accessories in collaboration with Matat. See below for a sneak peek into the design process from Mimi Robinson's beautiful studio in San Francisco. 

Matat is the export affiliate of La Red, a network of Mexican women's organizations working with indigenous communities throughout Mexico to preserve their culture through a variety of fair trade activities. Be sure to check out Matat's new collection which will be featured at Artisan Resource @ NY NOW this coming February 1-4, 2014

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ByHand Consulting is gearing up for Artisan Resource Feb 1-4, 2014

ByHand Consulting is gearing up for Artisan Resource, a semi-annual trade show held concurrently with NY NOW. Artisan Resource is a professional venue for overseas artisan enterprises to connect with US importers and designers to showcase their products and production capabilities at export terms from their country of origin. 

ByHand Consulting recruits and prepares artisan enterprises to participate in Artisan Resource. Please contact us if you are a US importer interested in connecting with new artisan groups or if you know any artisan groups who might like to exhibit at the Show. 

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New happenings @ Artisan Resource Winter 2014

“Each of our artisans had at least 4-5 orders from large stores, high-end chains and small boutiques from California and New York. We met with a diverse group of retailers – small and large chains, museums and others such as ABC Carpet & Home, Canvas, National Gallery, Frontgate, Viva Terra, Creative Women, Serena & Lily, Global Goods Partners, Home Goods. This was our first participation and our first priority was to have a great image and branding for our country and to introduce ourselves.  But, we achieved much more than just prospects.  We also made immediate sales, and many more than we had expected.” - Anis Mnif, Tunisian American Young Professionals, TUNISIA

What's NEW at Artisan Resource @ NY NOW this coming February 1-4, 2014?

  • Designer - Artisan Partnerships Seminar- The Design Council is a group of seasoned design professionals from the home, fashion, and accessories market who are committed to helping artisans worldwide become more successful and self-sufficent through better design. Join this panel discussion to hear the latest collaborations between designers and overseas artisan producers. February 2, 12:00AM-1:00PM, Pier 94.
  • Fair Trade - Linking into the Movement Seminar- Renee Bowers, Executive Director of the US Fair Trade Federation (FTF) will present how the Fair Trade market is growing in the US and opportunities for overseas artisan producers and will speak about the importance of membership in fair trade organizations and recent FTF trends. February 4, 8:00-9:00AM, Pier 94. 
  • There has been in increase in the number of country pavilions which has allowed an exponential number of individual artisans to be represented at the Show. Tunisia, Panama, Indonesia, and Peru will be returning. 
  • Key buyers have already committed to walking the show including Anthropologie, Chinaberry, Dwell, Nordstrom, West Elm, Urban Outfitters, Williams Sonoma, and more. 

Please contact us anytime or visit http://artisanresourceny.com

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Come Explore More Resources @ Artisan Resource!

 ByHand Consulting has been working hard to bring new artisan companies to Artisan Resource and we are proud to announce that this show will feature more than 100 companies from 25 countries this August and is moving to Pier 94! Come visit ByHand at Artisan Resource, Sunday -Tuesday, August 18-20 from 10-8pm (5pm close on Tuesday).

In addition to connecting you to new artisan companies, we are excited to announce a few other opportunities during Artisan Resource. ByHand Consulting is a founding member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, a membership based initiative launched by the US State Department to expand market opportunities in the artisan sector. With the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, we are pleased to promote:

Artisan Resource Opening Reception, Sunday, August 18th, 6-8pm (at Pier 94) -- Please join us for a reception to honor Clare Brett Smith, the Board President of HAND/EYE Fund, and President Emerita of Aid to Artisans. She will be receiving the first-ever Alliance Artisan Hero Award in recognition of her leadership and commitment to the artisan sector.

NY Now Seminar: Growing the Market for Artisan & Global Handmade Products, Tuesday, August 20th, 12-1pm (Javits Center, 1C04) -- This panel discussion will be facilitated by Peggy Clark of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise and Keith Recker, founder and editor of HAND/EYE Magazine. Representatives from Indego Africa, West Elm, Mercado Global, and Walmart will join the panel to explore what makes global artisanal products resonate with an expanding diversity of consumers and retailers, and how to address challenges to growing these markets. Tickets $20 advance; $25 on-site. 

For more information, please email us anytime- info@byhandconsulting.com

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